Decoding the Traits of A Successful Online Business Entrepreneur

“Many of life’s failures are men who did not realize how close they were when they gave up.” – Thomas Edison

Are some people just born to become successful entrepreneurs? Is success something that some lucky people achieve easily? You may sometimes wonder why some people seem to have all the luck in the world and become instantly successful in their internet business. Success may seem like its been given to them on a golden platter but in reality all online business success stories started with a formula. Let me share with you some common characteristics of successful online business owners.

  • They have the right attitude. Successful online entrepreneurs have a positive mindset. They are optimistic about the future of their business and are willing to take risks in order to succeed.
  • Successful entrepreneurs embrace failure. They are neither overwhelmed nor discouraged by failures. They see failures as opportunities to grow.
  • Successful online entrepreneurs are focused to their goal and that is to succeed!
  • Successful online entrepreneurs are innovative. They are always passionate about making a difference and establishing their uniqueness over competition.
  • Successful online entrepreneurs understand that great things can come from small beginnings. They do not worry about being a new player in the market and accept challenges as they come.
  • Successful online entrepreneurs put their best foot forward. They always give their best to all aspects of their online business and devote time and effort in ensuring their internet marketing success.

Developing a business requires a certain degree of risk. Succeeding in an online business takes time and some small failures at times. A positive mindset can make a lot of difference in ensuring your success in your online business. Failing or succeeding in an online business is not a consequence but a decision. Decide to be successful!

Wealthy Internet Entrepreneurs Develop Multiple Streams of Income – It’s Easier Than Ever

Wealthy people know the importance and power of creating multiple streams of income. Earning money from a single source is what most people do, and most people are broke. Most people have a primary job or career, and that is where their earning power stops. These individuals rarely get rich. But individuals who create multiple streams of income can generate much larger incomes and create unlimited amounts of wealth and freedom. Not only the freedom that comes with having plenty of money, but also the freedom that comes with generating passive income streams that allow people to earn more money without having to spend a whole lot of time working. Internet entrepreneurs have many simple passive income opportunities at their disposal. Anyone can use the internet to develop a lifetime of wealth and financial freedom with the passive income potential that is provided by the internet.

All it takes to become a wealthy internet entrepreneur is a computer, an internet connection, and the desire to create more abundance and financial freedom in your life. One of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to create several incomes streams all in one place is to start your own niche website. I own multiple websites, and each one generates income on their own 24 hours a day from several sources. A website can be easily monetized by using the Google AdSense program, promoting various affiliate products and services, selling advertising space, building network marketing downlines, and many other…. and the list just continues to grow. And the great news is that it is easier than ever to build a website business with little or no previous experience.

Wealthy people take the duty of creating passive income very seriously. You should too. Passive income is the key to a lifetime of financial freedom and unlimited wealth. The thing that holds many people back is that most people like to get instant gratification for their efforts. That is why most people have jobs rather than work for themselves. They like knowing that they will get paid quickly for all the work they do. But it does not often work like that when it comes to developing passive income. You must invest time and energy, often times for several months or more, before you will see the fruits of your labor. But investing your time and energy into the creation of multiple income streams will pay dividends for many years to come.

So why not start your own internet business and begin creating your own streams of automatic income? It does not take a lot of money, or any money at all. And anyone can easily learn how to build a site, and there are many site-builders that do not take any technical know how at all. Make a habit to invest a certain amount of time, whether it be 30 minutes or 3 hours, each day into your new business. Gradually it will grow and become profitable for you, and it may be all you need to generate wealth and become financially free.

Bedroom Developer to Business Entrepreneur – 5 Survival Tips to Running Your Own Website Business

Consider the scenario: You are a bedroom developer/designer who over the past two years has built websites for friends, family and local business in your spare time and now you want to run your own website business. Undoubtedly this starting point is an exciting time, typically when one starts out in web design you are either creatively dominant or technically. Generally speaking for those who claim to be in the middle this is fine it just means when the time comes to delegate – make sure you know which side of the fence you will sit on.

Note: This is only applicable in the first year of running your website business – all shall be revealed in my later articles.

The web industry is a saturated marketplace however there is good news for the budding new bedroom developer or designer. Website and Internet development has only really been around for 30 years and if you compare that with industries like Steel, Mining, Catering, General high street retail etc… this is not a patch on their 1000+ year histories.

The fact is the “Industry Life Cycle” for website development and Internet technologies is still in its growth phase and showing little sign of maturing. The reason why I am telling you this is because by the very nature of its youth the continual release of new ideas and innovation will continue to thrive throughout your lifetime. There will always be new ideas, new trends set and new ways of doing things that others hadn’t thought of as well as the continual opportunity to do better than the next person.

The web industry is plagued with limited standardisation, have you ever wondered why there are over 8 internet browsers? Why does Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 all have their own interpretation of style-sheets.

Why, oh why? Can we not build a website to work on one Internet browser and it will not work on another. Well historically it comes down to the fact that Internet standards have never been properly enforced or advised.

In 1994 was the dawn of the World Wide Web consortium and from there on in, their initiatives have been the most respected and followed standards for website building as we know it today. (for more visit their website)

So where was I? Ah yes, the bedroom designer/developer – well like all businesses your number one asset to get new your business running is REPUTATION!

Reputation is earned and the better you can build on this reputation, then the better you are going to survive in your first years in business. The way it generally works is that if you do a good job for someone – then likelihood is that they will tell their friends and so forth and then someone in that chain will want a website.

So here are my core rules in first year survival for running your own website business or any business (for that matter):

Rule 1: When an opportunity comes to build a website or even just something small – make sure that your 1ST job is done really well, above and beyond expectation.

It sounds stupidly obvious but I can tell you – this set me aside from the competition I was facing in my first year. If successful you immediately set yourself up to have a referral or recommendation.

Rule 2: Make sure you know how much it costs you (in hours) to build a website! Work out your hourly rate and then get a price together. The single most criminal mistake by nearly all website developers and business owners I’ve met over the years is getting your price wrong and when you do get it wrong… IT HURTS!

Trust me – it only takes one difficult client, or someone who changes their mind and does not understand what you do and you’ll be working every hour God sends for peanuts!

Rule 3: Understand domains and the impact of changing DNS settings, many people do not have a clue behind the impact of a poorly configured/managed domain-name can have on their business. If you can demonstrate common sense and understanding this will give you confidence in front of clients and handling the ‘dreaded go live’ period.

Because if you get this wrong – you will probably find for all your hard work – you still have not been paid!

Rule 4: Make sure you receive some money upfront before starting – agree a fee and get somewhere around 40 – 50% upfront – this way you can cover your cost to build and you wont be out of pocket during the closing stages of completing the website.

I recommend you request the remaining 50% on completion for small website work and larger websites request another 40% on first delivery and a final 20% once all is done.

Rule 5: Take your time when estimating complexity and timescales – this is the single most criminal mistake by any web development agency, whilst it can be easy to make a profit building a website it is even easier to mis-quote a project and find yourself at a significant loss.

You should approach the work in stages and calculate the time required deliver each stage. You then need to add on a suitable amount of contingency, for example 20%.

The stages typically could be:

  • Requirements and Capture
  • Design & Prototype (this is two stages if the project is large)
  • Build / Code
  • Test – Includes cross-browser testing, dead link checks, time to load checks, validation and any other necessary unit and system testing methods.
  • Deploy – Time it takes to publish the website, configure the hosting and domain name, double check email contact forms, Google verify the site, setup website traffic monitor and publish the site map.

Your final price should reflect the time you estimate to accomplish the work by your hourly rate.

Building Websites requires experience and knowledge of Software development methods, for those who are serious I recommended reading about Software Engineering, development methodologies and understanding project management technique.

No matter how small or large your website project is, this will open your eyes to the disciplines of software/web system development and the hoops you need to jump through that will set your professional standards above so many others within the marketplace.

A Simple Way To Build Your Credibility As A Home Business Entrepreneur

Because there are so many business opportunities on the internet it can be quite confusing for the average person to figure out who to trust.

Perhaps in your travels you may have come across a good number of advertisements that promise instant wealth without much work.

That type of advertising usually falls into the “too good to be true” category and as such should be avoided.

But what about your home based business opportunity? How can you get people to seriously consider what it is you have to offer?

There is a very simple way to go about building your credibility online without having to lie, cheat or steal your way to fame and fortune.

The Method

The way you can establish credibility with your audience is by writing articles that provide useful information and distributing them all over the internet.

Most people are not overly receptive to this tactic simply because it involves a lot of work and that’s great for you because that means you have even less competition.

Another hang up that many people have with this method of credibility building is that they may not feel that they can write good enough to develop an audience that is willing to trust them.

For starters you don’t have to be a best selling author to write articles that provide value.

To write a good article you simply need to put together a very simple outline and then fill in the blanks.

How To Do It

The first thing you will need to figure out what it is you want to write about and then come up with an attention getting headline.

In your headline you will want to state a benefit of some kind so that your readers will immediately know what to expect from your article.

Now that you’ve got their attention you can follow up with a good first paragraph that addresses the needs of your audience and engages them long enough to keep reading.

The remainder of your article can be made up of 4 or 5 points that support the promise you made in your headline so that your reader doesn’t feel like they’ve wasted time reading your article.

At the end of your article you will want to mention your name briefly and invite your reader to learn more about the subject of interest at your website and your done.

The key to making this tactic work is to do a little bit of research on your subject and find out what the more established entrepreneurs are writing about and tailor that information into your own words to match the needs of your audience.

How do you know what the needs of your audience are?

The Secret To Making It Work

Visit forums and look for threads that are based around questions starting with ‘how do I’, ‘where can I’, ‘how do you’ or phrases like ‘I’m frustrated’ or ‘I can’t seem to’ and so on.

You can also visit your competitors blogs and see what kind of questions and conversations they are having with their representatives and prospects.

Look at the answers that are provided and do some more research using Google to find additional information that you can offer to your audience.

After doing this for awhile you will become well established as an authority figure in your niche which will necessitate that you take the next step to increase your home business internet profits.